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6 months between posts – use-case thoughts

There I was showing a co-worker my “wordpress” site. I was learning the core differences between Drupal and WordPress. Besides the obvious difference – one is for building sites one is for writing inane posts… like this.

So where does a corporate site go for it’s cms-light site? Drupal gives you a site, but not much social savviness. WordPress gives you the blog with addtional pages. Both setups still need a solid creative and development effort to bring the site to life. It’s not until post-launch that the client get’s to update content. Even then, the agency needs to provide the top 3-5 use-case scenarios for the client.

Each use-case gives the client a roadmap to their top site-updating needs. And it allows the development team to polish up those sections and make them as user-friendly as possible.

It’s refreshing being able to apply basic UX principles to projects. And make site updates palatable for the client.