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60′s sportscars, Speed Racer, and the ultimate shape

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childhood car still makes me go wow

I’ve spent 30-some years going from school, to college, to work, and work and work. During those years I’ve always found one thing that instantly sends me back to childhood – a 60′s sportscar. There’s a few that pull my strings; Porshce, Jaguar, some MG’s. But they all remind me of the spinning wheel background and the title “Speed Racer” zooming into the screen.

Why cars? Maybe because i’m a boy. Why cars shaped liked rockets? again – i’m a boy. I’m sure there’s a M.I.T. or D.A.A.P. class offering a metaphysical explanation to my fascination.

Muscle cars, or monster trucks don’t do it for me. And watching racing? The bug never did bite. Myself, I own a pre-2000 Toyota 4runner. So the 60′s sportscar style never came to fruition for me. Nor would i want one, to be completely honest.

But when a friend of mine posts a tweet about the 1967 Porsche 910 Spyder Coupe… (Speed Racer them music begins) I see the wheel, and the title, and am transfixed to screen for at least 20 seconds.