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A year between posts, now that’s timely

While most people announce they’re taking a break from their site. I think i just left mine to the whims of auto-commenters – 38 of them to be exact. They all loved my articles, but none of them had real pages. Interesting.
Since my last post, I’ve started work at a new company that’s full of energy and lots of clients. For the past 10 months I’ve tackled more high profile, time sensitive projects than… well, a long time.
The teams i get to work with are amazing as well. So much knowledge. Every day i’m jealous about what a User Experience planner knows, or a designer gets to work on.
But there are times where a 32-page wireframe document, and the 8th microsite start to drag me down. I’m amazed at the volatility of the agency world. So much activity and productivity. What if we could harness this towards more humanitarian goals. Wow that would change some lives.
As for change, I think I’ll stick to a blog here and there. And hope they offer some business relevance.