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I strive to bring creativity to every project; from a freelance website, to a large CPG clients’ online advertising. You will find specific examples of my freelance work in my portfolio area.
You will find my skills, roles, and experience cover a wide range as a project manager, developer, and designer.


I spend most of my time either as a project manager, web developer, or web (and sometimes print) designer. My web development cover a wide range of online skills: from building a site, setting up and monitoring the site analytics, and making sure the site and other online presences are search and accessiblity friendly.

That may be oversimplifying things. If you want to know more about my areas of expertise, read on.

Project Management: Skilled Project Manager with six years experience assisting organizations with online project management, adoption strategies, training and team building. Proven success in process definition, implementation management, communication planning/execution, and optimizing productivity/efficiency. Known for team building, communication and interpersonal skills. Demonstrated ability to communicate and productively work within cross-cultural, decentralized environment.

Developer: Hands-on experience with website and online identity systems, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. Proven success in initial online identity development and continued site maintenance in php, tomcat/apache, .NET, .jsp, flash. Demonstrated ability to build and maintain online analytics via Google Analytics tracking, Google Page Optimization, Goal setting, and third party tagging for online advertising.

Skilled in PPC and natural search strategies, keyword analyses. Proven success in ad grouping, landing page recommendations, and monitoring and maintaining PPC campaigns.

Designer: Over a decade (wow i feel old) of print, online, and environmental graphic design experience. Proven success in concept and strategy sessions, logo development, branding and identity systems. Demonstrated ability to build online presence through websites, blogs, OLA’s, and Facebook.

Roles: Project Management, Web Development, Online Strategist, Natural and Paid Search Development, Accessiblity Development, Web and Print Design, Presentation Skills, Software & Web Development Skills, Organizational Skills, Excellent Communication Skills, and Strong Leadership Capabilities.


Senior Project Manager – Online Delivery
CG Marketing Communications 2004-present
Led & managed online and print CPG projects for several Fortune 100 companies. Successfully worked with Account Managers and clients on multi-million dollar time-sensitive (to say the least) projects. Worked on keyword analysis, pay-per-click and natural search projects, including campaign maintenance and monitoring.

Creative Project Manager National Underwriter 2003-2004
Directed, managed, and designed print and online projects for
industry-leading insurance publisher. Worked with production and marketing departments to keep project timelines intact.

Director of Marketing Seapine Software 2000-2003
Directed and designed advertising, collateral, websites, direct marketing, logo & identity systems, and new product development for mid-size software company. Worked with sales, customer service, and executives on new projects. Led pay-per and natural search campaign along with keyword research. Worked with sales, customer service, and executives on search projects.

Graphic Designer SWATH design 1998-2000
Managed and designed websites, print collateral, identity systems, tradeshows, and direct marketing projects. Met with sales, online development, and executives on new projects.