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Our tech heroes are getting old

It was ESPN’s X-games in 2009 that put me in my place. They did a restrospective on Tony Hawk. The camera panned in on his still boyish grin and… what was that?… gray hair? Did i just see gray in his hair. Oh my word, i’m officially old.

This morning, I started reading an engadget article about the Steve Job’s D8 interview. There he is looking dapper in his signature black shirt, jeans, sneakers, and… what was that?… black socks? Black socks with sneakers? Grandpa Smitty used to wear black socks with sneakers, and with plaid shorts to boot! But Smitty was mean, stinky, and not the CEO of Apple!

Steve, say it ain’t so? How could someone in charge of the best designed & engineered products this side of the 21st century commit such an act? How did he go from iPod to iPhone to iPad to iSmitty. In a couple years he’ll be chain smoking generic cigarettes and drinking Stroh’s from a can.

Oh well, I can’t complain too much. No wait, yes I can. See, i’m on Verizon so i had to wait for the Droid. A black lump with gold buttons. GOLD – seriously? I’m surprised the Droid didn’t come in teal and purple packaging. I imagine some old guy wearing black socks with sneakers approving that design chimera.

Only an old guy would design such a… uh-oh iSmitty, I mean Steve… is an old guy. Tony Hawk is old. Thankfully i’m still young and… oh no, is that a gray hair? Phew, it was just a dog hair on my black sock. Now where did i put those New Balance shoes?